Routes in the Wisconsin Hills

This is a collection of routes I have taken from the various towns in the Wisconsin Hills. It is a work in progress.

Any route I use is now based on the use of RideWithGPS, from which I also now derive cue sheets, with cues like “8.7 (L) 785th St (unmarked?)”, “31.3 (L) 840th St”, or “47.0 (L) 830th/850th St”. I also make a map of the route, indicating some of the key lines on the cue sheet.

After hundreds of rides in the Wisconsin Hills, I am able to check the cue sheet and correct or supplement it as necessary. Street signs may disappear for a while (turns becoming “unmarked”), street numbers may change (“840th St” might have formerly been “350th Ave”), and signs can simply vary. Over time, any given map and cue sheet likely needs modification. And in rural Wisconsin, the Garmin isn’t perfect, perhaps fumbling on a few percent of the cues on average, relying on the same imperfect data as RideWithGPS. Then there is road repair, which if unexpected, may necessitate an elaborate detour. Thus the maps I make can come in handy at times.

Not all roads are paved. So it does pay to have a sense of adventure, do some exploring, and take advantage of riding with others (check that TCBC Calendar–TCBC Wisconsin rides usually reference a downloadable Garmin file).

Here are a few samples of maps and cue sheets for rides in the Wisconsin Hills. In time I will add a lot more. The map images are designed to be viewed online, and allow for enlargement. The downloadable files are in MS Word format.

River Falls

Rides from River Falls start at Hoffman Park, which is on the eastern edge of River Falls, WI. Directions: From the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, take I-94 east into WI; after Hudson take WI 35 south. Exit at County M (Division St), then go right 1/4 mile to Hoffman Park.

The Diamond Bluff Classic 1 starts uphill from Hoffman Park, but then heads south and east through Ellsworth, a rest stop, then optionally to Hager City, and Diamond Bluff along the Mississippi River. All routes pass through Trimbelle, where the Gas-Lite Bar is another potential rest stop. The longest route has just under 4,000′ of climbing.

Download the MAP for Diamond Bluff Classic 1
Download the CUE SHEET for Diamond Bluff Classic 1

River Falls East Classic-MAP
The River Falls East Classic leaves Hoffman Park circling through town and then heads east on fairly flat roads to Spring Valley, though there is an optional cut-off through Martell, providing a 39-mile loop. At Spring Valley, the long route heads for Elmwood via the scenic 850th Avenue and 110th Street route. In 2014, the long route measured in at about 4,400′ of climbing.

Download the MAP for for River Falls East Classic
Download the CUE SHEET for River Falls East Classic

Maiden Rock

Rides from Maiden Rock start at the park on the river in Maiden Rock, WI. Directions: From the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, cross into Wisconsin at Prescott or Red Wing and take WI 35 south to the town of Maiden Rock on Lake Pepin, then turn towards the river on Chestnut Street. (There is also an alternate parking lot at 35 and County Road A, just before one enters Maiden Rock.)

Maiden Rock Northeast-MAP
Maiden Rock Northeast is one of two routes designed for days when there is a significant wind from the north. The 31-mile route includes no rest stops, whereas the longer routes stop at Elmwood, and the longest route swings southeast to Eau Galle. The 8.2 mile “extra credit” prior to Elmwood is recommended, and provides a 62 mile route with about 3,400′ of climbing.

Download the MAP for for Maiden Rock Northeast
Download the CUE SHEET for Maiden Rock Northeast

Maiden Rock North by Southwest-MAP (Final)
Maiden Rock North by Southwest is a route we first did on a day with a prevailing southwest wind, whereas all routes from Maiden Rock lead one to the north. The route climbs the first hill off of Scenic Road County Road A, and takes a pleasant set of quiet road to north of Esdaile, and then further north and west to Ellsworth, the rest stop. There the route splits, the shorter route heading due east and then south along the beautiful Rush River, and finally down County Rd A. The longer route continues west, then heads northeast through Beldenville and Martell, then turns south through El Paso, and back along the Rush River, and up one last short, but scenic hill.

Download the MAP for for Maiden Rock North by Southwest
Download the CUE SHEET for Maiden Rock North by Southwest