Cycling in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Hills

In terms of cycling, the Wisconsin Hills refers to that part of central, western Wisconsin, east of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. One can ride from towns like Prescott, River Falls, Plum City, Baldwin, Maiden Rock, Menomonie, Nelson, Durand, or Alma, and quickly be on quiet and pleasant roads that have little traffic. Indeed, through farmland and wooded land, the roads roll up and down, and often there are fairly impressive hills.

This is some of the best cycling in the U.S., to go along with some of the best variety of roads to choose from. The photos should give you an idea of what it’s like, and why riders are impressed with this part of the World. There are many routes these rides can take–I have included some of them on this page.

And if it’s not the dead of Winter, you might take a look at the TCBC Calendar, where there’s a distinct possibility of a ride scheduled through the Wisconsin Hills.


The Photo Collection

 Happy Valley Road, leaving River Falls
 Hill off County Road OO
 560th Avenue, north of Trimbelle
 Pro riders on top of Star Hill
 County 88, south of Alma
 Topping out on Glodowski Road
 750th Street, leaving Beldenville
 290th Avenue, east of Esdaile
 620th Street, north of Esdaile
 Lower Eagle Valley Road
 The Hill on Doelle Valley Road
 Boland Valley Road
 Hogan Road, east of Waumandee
 400th Street, along the Rush River
 465th Street, along the Rush River
 850th Avenue, near Spring Valley
 850th Avenue
 850th Avenue
 Beldenville Pass Road
 Turning onto 770th Avenue
 490th Street, near Martell
 710th Avenue, near Elmwood
 830th Street, near Hager City
 400th Street, north of Maiden Rock
 720th Street, north of Beldenville
 Horses on 840th Street, east of K
 210th Avenue, near Esdaile
 Further up 210th Avenue, near Esdaile
 770th Avenue, east of Martell
 County Road N, in El Paso
 County Road O, south of Trimbelle
 290th Street, north of Hwy 72
 Approaching Star Hill on Star Road
 171st Street, south of Knapp
 Lower Eagle Valley Road
 Lower Eagle Valley Road
 Star Road
 Big Coulee Road, near Plum City
 30th Avenue, east of River Falls
 400th Street, along Rush River
 River Drive, near River Falls