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About richos.net

The purpose of this website is to allow me to continue to experiment with building web pages, but mostly to serve as a sort of scrapbook, focusing on stuff that interests me, like cycling in Wisconsin and Europe, and various other activities and subjects, both in the present life, and in the past, particularly as seen in old photos and records, most of which I keep under wraps, for now. The scrapbook is an ongoing work.

About building web pages

Years ago I started my original website (www.richardoswenson.com), the result of an interest in the technology of web pages. It evolved via a lot of trial and error while learning how to use HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, a tool called PhpStorm, and a little Ajax and JQuery. I learned how to create a Session, how to set up an Apache HTTP server to test web pages on my home network, and how to make use of my hosting service out there in the Cloud. All this learning went into in pages like DaysBetween, but I finally tired of maintaining this site.

This website takes advantage of WordPress, a content management system which has a framework that allows one to avoid dealing with all the nuts and bolts mentioned above (though I still go undercover and edit HTML, CSS, and so on). WordPress doing much of the work for me, I can concentrate on the content, particularly in showing off the photos.

About myself

Older. Retired. Husband, father, and grandfather. A reader, cyclist, cross country skier, and keeper of statistics. A traveler. A resident of Minnesota. Given to thinking about the structure of the Universe, the purpose of existence, and where my next travel might be.

Formerly a student, graduate, software engineer, backpacker, rock climber, and younger.